Commercial contracts in the Netherlands

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Contracts under Dutch law

What should be in a commercial contract under Dutch law?

Under Dutch law, a commercial contract can contain all kinds of provisions. Common provisions cover the delivery of products or services, the guarantees that are stipulated and the subject of liability, as well as the applicability of the law and the competent authority in the event of a business dispute.

Naturally, it is advisable to accurately describe the services or products you offer or acquire under the contract. The vast majority of discussions in contract law stem from unclear provisions, unspoken intentions or loopholes in the contract. Unclear contracts are a missed opportunity and a breeding ground for discussions one would rather avoid.

Our contract law lawyers in the Netherlands are happy to guide you and help you set up your contracts. Together, we will set the course and support you with negotiations and the conclusion of the commercial agreement.

Experience shows that Dutch contract law lawyer often only come into the picture once disaster has struck. Our contract law lawyers in the Netherlands are also the right people to turn to in the event of legal proceedings. We act in civil courts and have extensive litigation experience.

Commercial contract under Dutch law

Dutch lawyer

Remko Roosjen is an English speaking attorney-at-law in the Netherlands, specialised in Dutch contract law.

A major part of his work as a lawyer involves advising and litigating on commercial contracts under Dutch law. Remko acts on behalf of suppliers, manufacturers, importers, distributors, resellers and internationally operating trading parties.

As civil litigation attorney and contract lawyer in the Netherlands, Remko represents a wide range of both plaintiffs and defendants.

Remko Roosjen, Lawyer in the Netherlands


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