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A contract law firm in the Netherlands has the knowledge and experience to advise you on the formation of a contract as well as the content of an agreement and the termination of a contract.

One of the goals of our contract law firm in the Netherlands is to become involved in a contract at an early stage. There is often still much that can be arranged at the formation stage of a commercial contract. Once the signatures are already in place, the situation is different. For example, did you know that you can be held liable if you break off negotiations early? This can go so far as a requirement for compensation for lost profits or the costs of the other negotiating partner. Our contract law firm in the Netherlands advises on these and other legal challenges at the very outset.

Our contract law firm in the Netherlands is also happy to be your first point of contact for the substantive assessment of a commercial contract. For example, how do you arrange delivery deadlines, properly record warranties and prevent disadvantageous contractual provisions on liabilities from being excluded or severely restricted? Such issues and more regularly come up for review at our contract law firm in the Netherlands. It is definitely a waste not to have an experienced contract law lawyer in the Netherlands advise you on contracts that are of such importance to your company.

When ending an agreement, legal advice is often at least as important as when entering into a commercial contract. In what way can a contract be terminated, how should it be dissolved and can a contract also be annulled, for example? There are numerous remedies and ways in which an agreement can end. Our contract law firm in the Netherlands can not only advise you when terminating a contract, but also when you are faced with an early or unexpected termination of your contract.

If you are disappointed in the performance of a contract or if you have a dispute with the person behind your contract, our contract law firm in the Netherlands can act as your litigator. Before any proceedings start, we will determine your position and what our contract law lawyer in the Netherlands in the Netherlands can do in this regard.

One thing is certain: we will diligently, professionally and enthusiastically consider your interests and work with you to find the quickest and best solution. Our law firm has several civil litigation attorneys and we will make every effort to look after your interests.

Contract lawyers in the Netherlands

Dutch lawyer

Remko Roosjen is an English speaking attorney-at-law in the Netherlands, specialised in Dutch contract law.

A major part of his work as a lawyer involves advising and litigating on commercial contracts under Dutch law. Remko acts on behalf of suppliers, manufacturers, importers, distributors, resellers and internationally operating trading parties.

As civil litigation attorney and contract lawyer in the Netherlands, Remko represents a wide range of both plaintiffs and defendants.

Remko Roosjen, Lawyer in the Netherlands


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