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Contract law lawyer in The Netherlands

Would you like to contact a contract lawyer in the Netherlands? Our team of experienced contract lawyers in the Netherlands is available to you. You can call or email us. If you would like to discuss the case with us personally, we will invite you to our office without any obligation.

Of course, your affairs will be kept confidential and your best interests are our absolute priority. That is our guarantee. We always think along with you and share our knowledge and experience to arrive at the fastest and most effective approach. Our contract law lawyers in the Netherlands are known for their accessibility, thoughtfulness and practicality.

We always aim to have a long-term relationship with our clients. As a result, our contract law lawyers in the Netherlands look at the whole picture, both when drafting contracts and when dealing with a business dispute. In the latter case, what counts for us is achieving the best result while, at the same time, looking at how such contract disputes can be avoided in future.

Free, no-obligation consultation with a contract law lawyer in the Netherlands

We cannot be of service to you until we know what is involved. In an informal and exploratory meeting, our contract law lawyer in the Netherlands will be happy to get to know you and learn about the challenges you face in the field of contract law.

In a free, no-obligation consultation, our contract law lawyer in the Netherlands will:

  • review your contract law question or dispute with you and discuss your initial questions
  • define your position together and give a time perspective
  • indicate what legal options you have, based on your discussion
  • go through the steps to be taken with you and point out opportunities and risks
  • see if you are eligible for cover with your legal expenses insurer
  • outline a plan of action and indicate the conditions under which our law firm works in Amsterdam, the Netherlands
  • liaise with a contract lawyer in the Netherlands further to zoom in on documents, (procedural) steps and costs in the next conversation.
Contract law lawyer in the Netherlands

Dutch lawyer

Remko Roosjen is an English speaking attorney-at-law in the Netherlands, specialised in Dutch contract law.

A major part of his work as a lawyer involves advising and litigating on commercial contracts under Dutch law. Remko acts on behalf of suppliers, manufacturers, importers, distributors, resellers and internationally operating trading parties.

As civil litigation attorney and contract lawyer in the Netherlands, Remko represents a wide range of both plaintiffs and defendants.

Remko Roosjen, Lawyer in the Netherlands


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