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If you are looking for experienced lawyers in the Netherlands, our law firm in Holland is the right place for you.

Our lawyers operate throughout the Netherlands and abroad and fully appreciate the challenges you face as a business owner. They are responsive, dedicated and decisive. For every member of our firm, only one thing counts: ensuring that we achieve the best and fastest solution for you.

Lawyers and the Dutch Bar Association (NOvA)

All of our lawyers in the Netherlands are members of the Dutch Bar Association (NOvA). Among other items, the NOvA details the areas in which your lawyer specialises. Regardless of their area of expertise, all Dutch lawyers are required to obtain compulsory annual PO points as part of what is known as their Continuing Education Programme. Each of our experienced lawyers obtains these points by giving presentations in their field or by attending specialist courses.

Free, no-obligation consultation with a lawyer in the Netherlands

In order to properly assess whether or not we can support you with our legal services, our first step is to examine your situation. This entitles you to a free, no-obligation consultation with a Dutch lawyer. Together, we will review your legal challenge - which may involve contract negotiations, the drafting of agreements and/or a business dispute. Our lawyers in the Netherlands are all specialists in their fields and are cognisant of the specific issues you are experiencing.

Do you have a question outside our areas of specialisation? Ask it anyway. If our lawyers are unable to support you, they will refer you to the specialist who can best meet your needs.

Who is the best lawyer in the Netherlands?

There is no such thing as the 'best' lawyer – or, at least, this concept is hard to define. Every case is different, requiring a lawyer with specific knowledge and precise experience. There is a significant difference between a number of areas of the law. Our law firm in Amsterdam is a specialist firm for the manufacturing industry. We work for a different range of parties, such as manufacturers, importers, distributors, buyers and commercial agents.

Which lawyers in the Netherlands should you choose?

There are different types of lawyers, each with their own expertise. For example, some lawyers specialise in criminal law, civil law and administrative law; however, there are many other disciplines. You would be wise to choose the right lawyer for your case.

Our experienced lawyers in the Netherlands specialise in civil law, procedural law, liability law and product regulation. We draft or review contracts and advise on laws and regulations. When demanded by particular cases, we can act as litigation lawyers before every government court in the Netherlands. You can also call on our law firm in Amsterdam with reference to arbitration cases.

Our Dutch lawyers are proud of their strong reputation in the fields of (international) contract law, civil procedural law, liability law and product regulation. We draw on years of experience and enjoy a strong reputation in each of these areas of the law.

Our lawyers are happy to make your acquaintance, so please do not hesitate to contact us. They are both accessible and happy to learn about the particular challenges you are facing.

Lawyer in the Netherlands

Dutch lawyer

Remko Roosjen is an English speaking attorney-at-law in the Netherlands, specialised in Dutch contract law.

A major part of his work as a lawyer involves advising and litigating on commercial contracts under Dutch law. Remko acts on behalf of suppliers, manufacturers, importers, distributors, resellers and internationally operating trading parties.

As civil litigation attorney and contract lawyer in the Netherlands, Remko represents a wide range of both plaintiffs and defendants.

Remko Roosjen, Lawyer in the Netherlands


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